Here at Romar we have a Flow Waterjet Cutter In-House.  If your looking to have one-off
parts cut, or large production runs, we can cater to your needs. Whether you need parts cut
on an emergency level or over a period of time, please let us know, we can setup to run
24hrs a day.  
Quality control is another main concern of ours; if it's not right, it will not leave, Period!

Our waterjet has a cutting area of 6' x 12', and can cut matials up to 8" thick and as thin as
0.010" on a production basis.  With the Flow Dynamic feature we are able to keep
tolerences as close as 0.003", but if thats not what your looking for, we can speed the
machine up  to keep costs down while retaining tolerences under .125".  

We can cut various types of materials ranging from stainless, aluminum, inconel, to glass,
wood, and carbon fiber.  The only material we found to not be able to cut so far is tempered

If you have drawings already, great! that will save layout time, we
accept .DXF, and .DWG files.  No drawings? Can't draw? no problem!  
We can work with you to get the parts setup that your looking for.

If you have any questions, or would like more information please let us know.  We can be
contacted by phone at (845) 778-2737.