Methane is used in various forms for both residential and industrial use.  In many cities  
and residential areas it's piped into homes and used for heating and cooking (natural
gas).  When compressed, it is also used as transportation fuel (see our CNG page).  

Methane is a large contributor to electrical generation. In the U.S. it covers over 25% of
electricity provided.  That's more than Nuclear, or other renewable energies, and it
burns CLEAN.  It can be pumped out of the ground through

The burning of methane, turbines are driven directly by gases produced by the
combustion of natural gas or oil. Combined cycle gas turbine plants are driven by both
steam and natural gas. They generate power by burning natural gas in a gas turbine and
use residual heat to generate additional electricity from steam. These plants offer
efficiencies of up to 60%  

Below are pictures of plants we have worked to build and modify.